Renewable Energy for Business

Large Wind Turbine Behind Industrial Building
All sectors of business as energy users have to face up to the reality of rising energy costs and the need to reduce carbon emissions whilst managing the day-to-day running of your business. As of April 2010 larger energy users are subject to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Formally the Carbon Reduction Commitment). RS Renewables can help you reduce your carbon footprint by conducting Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies. Renewable energy systems are a cost effective way for public bodies to meet your obligations under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. Even if you are not affected by the new CRC you may still want to reduce your Carbon footprint to meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments.

We understand the many options available to fund renewable energy projects from grants and loans through to the new Feed-in Tariffs that have been available since April 2010. As a Carbon Trust Active Loan Supplier, RS Renewables can help you apply for a 0% unsecured Energy Efficiency Loan to fund the installation of renewable energy solutions. There are also tax incentives in the form of reduced VAT and enhanced capital allowances (ECA) which may be suitable for you.

If you are a company who already operates in the sustainability space and wish to broaden your offerings to include renewable energy we can help but supplementing your existing offerings with additional services such as:
We provide a full range of renewable energy consultancy, advice and project services.