Commercial Buildings

Solar PV roof installation
New buildings often have various planning constraints imposed on them including the need to incorporate CO2 saving technologies such as on site renewable energy generation. These types of requirements are frequently referred to as the Merton Rule after Merton Council who first introduced the policy of requiring 10% reduction in CO2 emissions from all buildings over 10,000m2 in size. This has now been mandated by central government who require all councils and unitary authorities to include a CO2 reduction clause in their Regional Development Plans.

Choosing the right combination of energy saving and energy generation technologies is a balance between cost, client requirements, planning rules and many other constraints.

The experienced independent advice that we can provide is invaluable and can save precious time and money and ensure that your chosen solution is fit for purpose. If you need help choosing the right renewable energy solution to meet your client’s BREEAM aspiration or Code for Sustainable Homes level then please contact us.