CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

Following the change of government’s Comprehensive Spending Review they announced significant changes to the original CRC Scheme. The most important being that revenue collected from the purchase of Carbon credits will no longer be recycled to all participants in proportion to their standing in the league table. The information below is a summary of the scheme before the changes were announced. We are still awaiting details of how the scheme will now operate.
The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formally the Carbon Reduction Commitment) is the government scheme to encourage larger energy user to reduce their energy consumption by making organisations compete with each other to make savings. Each year the Environment Agency will publish a league table ranking the scores of all participating organisations. The score is based on a number of factors including comparisons of the energy consumption of similar organisations and steps taken to reduce your Carbon footprint against turnover and other metrics.
CRC Operation Timeline
Each year participating organisations will have to buy Carbon credits to cover their projected annual CO2 emissions. At the end of the year a league table is constructed ranking the performance all the organisations. Those that fall below the benchmark will have to buy additional Carbon credits or face a large fine. All the money collected is then recycled by paying it back to the participants based on their ranking in the league table, the higher you are the more money you will get.
CRC Revenue Recycle

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme encourages organisations to reduce their Carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption and generating electricity on site using renewable energy.

As a registered agent RS Renewables can complete your declarations on your behalf. If you are not sure if the CRC really applies to you we can help you.

CRC Flow chart

To find out how a renewable energy system can reduce your Carbon footprint and improve your league table ranking contact us.